Maryland-Delaware Water Well Association

Proudly serving professional well drillers in Maryland & Delaware for over 60 years.


Maryland Delaware Water Well Association

The Association was first formed in 1954 with a small group of Drillers from Central Maryland area.  In 1956 the Association was incorporated to include all Well Drillers in the State of Maryland.  The prime purpose of the association was, and continues to be, to upgrade the industry and to secure protection for the customer.

Only after many meetings and many years of hard work, was the Maryland State Board of Well Drillers created on September 1, 1968 when signed into law by Spiro Agnew the Governor of Maryland.

The duties of the Board of Well Drillers is to administer and provide for the enforcement of the Well Drilling laws, as applicable to the business of Well Drilling.  Business of Well Drilling as defined by Law includes construction, alterations or repair of water wells and related equipment that is necessary to draw or purify water drilled wells, including pumps, tanks and or water conditioning equipment. On January 1, 1970 the Maryland Water changed their name and by-laws to include the State of Delaware.  The Association became officially known as Maryland Delaware Water Well Association.

The Association is a member of the National Ground Water Association, Water Systems Council and South Atlantic Jubilee which consist of State Associations from Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland/Delaware, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia and Florida.

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Water Well Facts and Accomplishments


Over 125 Members in the MDWWA Association


Number of Years Incorporated in Maryland & Delaware


Over 15 Million U.S. households rely on private wells for drinking water.

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