Larry Lee Wooster  was born on February 24, 1940 in Bradford, PA. He married Juanita Mitchell in February, 1963.  After moving to Southern Maryland they worked together and started Wooster Drilling Company which was in operation for 50 years.   Larry was passionate about serving his customers with integrity and the highest quality product and service.  He was also passionate about serving the less fortunate in many ways such as drilling water wells to provide clean water in places around the globe like Mozambique and Haiti.  Larry was that guy you could call for help of any kind at 4 AM and he would be there.


Larry was passionate about the well drilling industry and serving that community so they could serve their larger communities.  He was appointed to the Maryland Board of Well Drillers where he served for 17 years. Larry helped to guide important legislation and regulations for the industry, representing the drillers as well as the end customer. Larry also created an educational course designed to help drillers prepare for the advanced college level certification and testing program required by state of Maryland. The course educated drillers about the industry and different drilling methods.  Hundreds of drilling professionals attended this course which paved the way for them passing the tests and continuing on in their careers.


Larry also felt compelled to drill wells in areas of the world that do not have access to clean water.  In 2008, he traveled to Mozambique to do just that.  In 2009, he travelled to Haiti to drill a well for a community there and ultimately made 10 more trips over the years to serve the people of Haiti.  The scholarship graciously created by the association has married two things Larry was very passionate about: the well drilling industry and education.  He will be missed, but Larry’s legacy will live on through the drillers who continue to provide water to those who need it, and through the students who will be able to attend college through this scholarship fund.